Gravity Turning Target Stand: $295.00 + S&H


• All steel construction, MIG welded.
• Bronze bushings.
• Makes target appear & disappear.
• Mounting holes to secure to the
• T-Bolts for target sticks.
• Only three moving parts.
• Easiest to reset.
• Adjustable wrench is the only tool
needed to assemble.
• Next day shipping.



A new design, the target turns (but does not drop). It is very easy to activate and reset, and has approximately 1 second of target exposure to the shooter.

This new design incorporates only three moving parts. It activates by using a simple hinged prop, and resets by moving the weight to its original position.

When activated, the target turns smoothly to the shooter and then turns away with minimal whip. If desired, it can be set to leave the target exposed to the shooter.  The target mount is easily replaceable if it happens to get shot.

Delayed Activator - we are currently working on a small switch that will vary the activator from 1 to 10 seconds. This is so the stand would wait before activating.

This stand can be easily shipped via UPS.

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