When activated the target starts at the 12' o'clock high position and drops out to the 2 or 3 o'clock positon then returns to the start position.

 The stand is fitted with vision barrier mounts to hide the target before and after activating. The vision barrier mounts are included on both sides of the stand so the target may appear from the right or left.

 The speed of the stand is altered by using 2.5lb steel barbell weights for power.The appearing and disappearing speeds may be changed by adding or removing weight to the activator or return side of the stand. By changing the length of the target sticks and the weights the speed of the stand can be different everytime the stand is used. At the slowest speed setting you can have a target exposure of approx. 3 seconds and at the fastest setting a target exposure of approx. .5 is a difficult target to engage.

 The stand may be used with a moving no shoot target that reveals a shoot target behind the stand when it activates, then the shoot target will be covered when the stand returns to its original position.

OUT & BACK STAND: $165.00

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