GT Targets fully automatic self resetting target, is a self contained electric pneumatic target that when shot resets automatically without intervention. The target and stand are specifically designed to handle rifle, pistol, and shotgun fire. There is a 12V battery and battery charger included; 1,115 resets on one battery charge with a 10 inch target.

  The target is sold with a choice of 8, 10, or 12 inch circle targets, or half size IPSC target. The three quarter size IPSC silhouette is an extra 45.00. 1/2 inch AR500 for rifle, 3/ 8 AR500 for pistol, and 1/4 AR500 for 22 caliber. Custom shape targets are available on request. All targets and parts of the target base are water jet cut except the legs, the front splash shield is 1/2 AR500 steel, making it extremely durable. The Target Weighs (Est. with standard equipment):  90 lbs the dimensions are(Target up, no legs):  29” L x 12.75” W x 19.5” H

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  • Reversible target that is easily changeable with a 3/4” wrench or socket
  • Front blocking plate is removable (with no tools) for transport, storage, or replacement
  • Protective, lockable hood to prevent water damage to compressor and battery as well as damage from spall and glancing bullet impacts
  • Power factor adjustment that can be tuned from .22LR to high powered rifle calibers
  • Adjustable target reset rate controlled with the simple turn of a screw (tool supplied)
  • Base plates for staking target in place or adding optional legs

Materials and Construction

  • Front Blocking Plate and target made of  AR500 (highly resistant to impact and abrasion )
    • Water jet cut to shape to avoid heat affected zones and maintain hardness and impact resistance
    • Isolated from target frame with replaceable, shock resistant, UHMW bumpers
  • All fasteners are secured with vibration resistant hardware
  • All rotation joints are constructed with stainless pins and impact resistant bronze bushings to prevent corrosion and binding

Pneumatics and Power Source

  • Pneumatic fittings and tubing are high pressure D.O.T. rated, suitable for use in temperatures as low as -40°F and as high as 200°F
  • Battery, compressor, and controls are mounted in a vibration isolated, easily removable  cradle that will ensure long life and smooth operation
  • Double vibration isolated air compressor paired with on board air tank to ensure a reliable and consistent air supply to match most any rate of fire
  • Rechargeable battery with included charging lead
  • Master power On/Off switch
  • Over pressure safety valve mounted to tank, that doubles as a tank drain for when target is not in use

Available Options

  • 9Ah (standard),  7Ah, or dual 6Ah batteries are available
  • Hit indicator / safe to shoot  flag mechanism, with easily replaceable wire flags
  • ¼” Ar500 Hood side plates for added protection
  • Many different targets available, even custom shapes
  • Removable legs to raise target off the ground
  • Wheels that mount to front legs to make target easily movable

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