These targets are designed for use in 3 Gun Competitions or Multi Gun formats. The windmill & swinging clay target stands are usually activated by another steel target that is shot and the movement of the steel target starts the moving clay targets. All of these 3 Gun or shotgun targets are easy to set up and most require an adjustable wrench. The hinged steel targets can be engaged with either centerfire pistol or shotgun birdshot or buckshot.

TARGET STANDS: Mini Swinger with Two Clay Targets, Windmill Target Stand, Static Clay Target Holder



Mini Swinger with two clay target holders

Medium fast to very fast swinging target stand holds two clay targets in steel rods with a unique trap door enclosure to hold the target. No more rubber bands, string or velcro that cost time and reshoots during a match.

Mini Swinger: 220.00

Dual Clay Target Option: 90.00


Windmill Clay Target Stand:

Available in 4 clay targets or a 6 clay targets model. Unique trap door clay target retention system makes rubber bands and clips obselete and makes the windmill quick and easy to reload after each shooter. The stand is activated by a small weight that hangs on one of the long arms, when a prop is pulled by another target on the range the weight starts the stand turning and when hidden behind a wall or other vision barrier the windmill is a fun & challenging target stand. Both models break down for normal UPS shipping.

Windmill with 4 clay target holders:

retail 260.00

club price 220.00

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Windmill with 6 clay target holders:

retail 330.00

club price 280.00

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The 6 target stand will use 2 long holders and 4 short holders.



Static Clay target holders

12 holders, 3- 16" 3- 24" 3- 36" 3- 46" (measurements are approx.) $120.00

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6 holders, 2- 24" 2- 36" 2- 46" (measurements are approx.) $65.00

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